Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kitchen Wishlist

*Boring post alert: I get really excited about things most people would consider mundane. Like stand mixers. And Food processors. I guess I'm a Real Adult now. You've been warned.*

I am really not a fan of kitchen items that can only do one thing. They seem wasteful both financially and space-wise to me. I am fortunate enough to have tonnes of cupboard space currently (both upper and lower cabinets) but even so, I hate cramming them full of things. That being said, If I can find an alternate use for appliances, or I decide giving up some prime cupboard real-estate is worth it, I will buy things that really only do one thing. And lately, as I get away from processed foods and delve into the realm of real-food eating, I find myself going "man, I need that!" more and more often, because streamlining my food prep is always good. Even if it means stuffing the utensil drawer with a few more things. My rule is, they have to be used at least a few times a month or it's just simply not worth having*.

Case in point: I was worried about buying a dehydrator because the damn thing is pretty big. I thought the novelty might wear off and it be banished to the back of the cupboard never to be heard from again. Thankfully, I find myself using it multiple times per week, and I've actually been eating much better because of it. I now have a constant stock of snacky-foods on hand, and I can dehydrate my prepared nuts and seeds so they will keep longer. Yay! 

I got this Salton Dehydrator From Canadian Tire when it was on sale for half off. 
5 Tray Salton Food Dehydrator
I'd seen some negative reviews, but decided to buy it anyway and I've used it multiple times now with no issues so far (*knocks on wood*)

On to my kitchen needs wants:
Stainless-Steel Sink Strainer
Preparing my nuts, seeds, and grains would be about a billion times easier if I had a strainer this size and this fine. Plus, since it fits over the sink, it would be perfect for drying small items like measuring spoons and bottle lids that tend to get buried in the dish drainer. (Again, why oh why are dish draining closets not widely used here?!)

Briefton's Spiral Slicer
Confession: I am really starting to dislike pasta. Probably because I eat it too much. It's fast and easy and I work in a restaurant so I'm surrounded by food all day, and just don't feel like cooking when my shift ends and I drag myself home. For me, it's the sauce that's the best part of the dish to begin with, and the only reason I put the pasta there in the first place is because rice is the bane of my existence and I need something to give my meal some body. Brilliant idea I did not think of: vegetable "noodles". Healthier, additional nutrients, added flavour, you can't go wrong!
Side note: nokedli is technically a type of noodle and is exempt from my "I hate pasta" statement. I love nokedli.
Over The Sink Cutting Board-Colander
In keeping with the dual purpose theme, and converting my sink into more counter space, I bring you this nifty little adjustable board. I wish it was in my kitchen right now.
Bavaria Salt and Pepper Mills

So not quite dual purpose, but I can forgive that if I'm getting fresh ground pepper and salt.

Bodum Coffee Grinder
I did finally buy a mortar and pestle for grinding spices, but when I have a large batch to grind (or, you know, coffee beans) I'd prefer to save my hands and toss it in one of these.

There's about a billion other things I'd love to have, but these are the basics. Or what I consider "essentials" even though I could probably live without 'em. Perhaps it's time to start a Kitchen Wishlist fund...

*I am not a total stickler for this rule. The cake decorating set I will one day own will probably not be used that often, but I'm willing to make an exception.


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  1. Some rad ideas. There is no bench at all in my kitchen. It's 1m by 1m. That sink cover bench looks fantastic.

    1. Oh my goodness, how the heck do you manage? I wouldn't be able to function like that. I'd be busting out the card tables or something haha

  2. I've got a spiralizer to make courgette 'pasta' it's really good!

    1. Don't laugh, but I've never heard them called courgettes before (I had to look that up. Then feel really, really silly.) What kind do you have? I'm owrried about buying a cheapy one and having it break on me, but the allure of veggie "pasta" is so strong right now ha!


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