Friday, June 6, 2014

Favourite Things Friday #20

Betsey Johnson "The Frozen One" Clutch via Modcloth
This is too sweet (pun intended)! I dig the mint, and it would pair nicely with the outfit Kate put together, ha!

Persephone via Mermaidens
This outfit Kailey is wearing is simply wonderful. And she's looking absolutely ethereal, as always!

Transparent Camping Tent by Pierre Stephane Dumas via Toxel
How I'd love to sleep in this every night, in a giant blanket nest, looking up at the sky.
(I bet it'd be good for hiding from mosquitoes too)
(Or pretending you're a hamster)

90's Colorblock Backpack via Emmett Brown
Oh my goodness, how freekin' rad is this? The whole shop is a gem. I think I need this, this, or this on my person, stat!

Iolite Arrowvane Ring by The Stray Arrow
I'm not quite sure why, but I've fallen for these rings, they're perfect.


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