Friday, June 13, 2014

Favourite Things Friday #21

Papasan Canopy Tutorial via Sawdust and Embryos
Whilst wasting time on Pinterest (follow me) dreaming of home decor, I stumbled upon this adorable reading nook tutorial. It just so happens that I have a papasan missing its base that I was going to turn into a hanging chair when I lived surrounded by a forest. Not such a practical idea in the city unless I luck out with a killer balcony sometime in the near future (doubtful). This seems like a pretty freekin' adorable and brilliant alternative though!
I think I'd hang it over a cozy chair of some sort

Pizza Die-Cut by Every Day is a Holiday
I'm just thinking of how cute this giant slice would look in the kitchen or dining room. I know EDiaH has been featured in my Friday Faves before, but I just love all their die-cuts, and their work is so worth bragging about again!

Moonrise Kingdom inspired Home Decor via Apartment Therapy
I still haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom (Shh, I know!) but I'm in love with the stills I've seen from it, and I'm even more in love with this room idea!

Teardrop Trailer inspired Shed by John Tucker via Shedworking
How perfect is this little dude? I've always been a fan of the teardrop trailers myself, but I don't drive so I'd have no real use for one. This is a super cute stand-in though!
Backyard studio, tiny cottage, or backyard camping anyone?

Crockpot Soup via New Nostalgia
The first thing that caught my eye on my Pinterest homepage (yeah yeah, I have a problem, I know) was this "mmm"-inducing recipe. It's vegetarian and full of cheesy, creamy goodness... with a bunch of veggies! What more could a girl want?
Besides, I've used my crockpot exactly three times since I bought it in February. Yikes.

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