Wednesday, June 18, 2014

TLC Time: Vinyl Holder Revamp

Whilst helping my Grandpa de-clutter his house, I came across this little dude tucked away (okay, buried) in a corner in the basement. It's worth noting that the basement has experienced many a flood in the years that my family has occupied this house, so needless to say, it wasn't in the greatest condition. In fact, my Grandpa was pretty adamant that it was a piece of junk, so I had to rescue it from the growing garbage pile outside the house. Twice.

Call me a hoarder of junk and DIY projects alike, but when I see potential in something I just can't let it go. Which normally means it gets tossed into the "I'll Get to it Someday" bin and forgotten, but this time I was determined to actually fix the darn thing up. Mainly because I knew my Grandpa would toss it if it didn't look all shiny and new since it has to stay at his house until I find a new apartment. But that's besides the point, let's just pretend I'm always super productive.

As you can see, it needed some elbow grease and a lot of TLC. The rust was bad. I mean really bad, my photos don't do it justice. I was actually afraid it might have eaten through the metal in places, but luckily after sanding (and sanding, and sanding, and sanding) all the loose rust was gone and everything was just fine.

I picked myself up a can of Rustoleum Painter's Touch brand spraypaint in "Sun Yellow" and set to work. And as usual I didn't buy a second can because I like pushing my luck, and one can didn't quite get the whole thing covered. I decided to go with a bright yellow because of the style of decor I'm planning to have in my living-room area. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I'm in love with the colour, it's so happy!

Should I have covered the ground first? Yes, yes I should have. Oops.

I'm itching to get a second coat of paint on this baby. I can't wait to see how it'll look when it's completely and properly covered. And bonus, I was snooping around in Homesense the other day, and I found desk organizers in the same cutout pattern and almost the same colour. Am I happy? Yes indeed, and I think I'll be running back out to get me some new organizers in the near future. Can I get a heck yes?


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