Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OOTD: Flower Power


Holy dandelions batman! You would not believe what the yard looks like. We don't have a lawn, we have a giant dandelion patch. I think it's wonderful since dandelions are my favourite flower after tiger lilies. And yes, I said flower. I think they're pretty, and poorly pegged as a nuisance, and I feel bad for them. Dandelions need love too. Much like a lot of the clothing I found myself sifting through at Value Village last month.

I went out looking for a dress to wear to my best friend's birthday, and boy oh boy were there slim pickings. When I went looking for formal dresses three months earlier there were racks upon racks of clubwear. When I went looking for clubwear there was nothing but formals! C'est la vie.

I didn't end up finding anything to wear for Girly's shindig, but I did come across this little number. I almost didn't snag this baby. Someone must have put it back after I'd been through the aisle. I was feeling defeated, but decided to go back and give the dresses one more rifle-through hoping I might have missed something, and I'm oh so glad I did. I am in love with this dress.

Yes, I do feel like a walking curtain, but I feel like a pretty walking curtain, and that's what counts! Never have I been more glad that someone put a piece of clothing back. It is pretty obvious that it's too small, I've actually got to wear the zipper down a bit. The good news is I have a simple plan to modify it. Since the shape looks okay when it's undone in the back I'm going to sew eye-hooks down the zipper seam on the inside so I can lace a ribbon through them, corset style. That way, if I ever do get rid of it (doubtful!) they can be easily removed without doing damage to the fabric.

Speaking of being in love with things, how cute is this cross-stitch wallet? I find myself being less and less of a purse girl every day. I used to be one of those people with the giant-ass bag that would knock you over as I passed by (Confession: I still use one for work and I hate it with a passion) but lately I've been really into clutches and cute wallets. And I think this one takes the cake. Thank you for having awesome taste Grandma!

Dress: Thrifted (Handmade)
Shoes: Thrifted (Originally Tommy Hilfiger. My guess is 90's)
Wallet: Vintage (From Grandma)
Glasses: Firmoo (Affiliate Link)

Derpy pose is derpy. What is that posture!?


currently listening to: This Silence Kills by Dillon


  1. Love dandelions and that dress on you! It's so pretty :D It seems like a good fix for the back. I need to do that to some of mine instead of fighting with it haha

    1. Thank you!
      I'm giving up on fighting with my dresses. It's too hot for cardigans so all the other quickfixes must be brainstormed haha

  2. INCREDIBLE! You look so summery and beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much! I figured if the weather wouldn't bring me some summer, I may as well try to bring it myself haha

  3. This dress is really, really pretty!

    1. Thanks! I feel like I'm five again when I wear it. Ah the good ol' days of floral party dresses, haha

  4. You look amazing! This dress is so cute and I love your glasses! <3


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