Monday, May 19, 2014

DIY Naturally Dyed Eggs

This is long overdue, but they turned out so nice I had to share. This year, in keeping with "going green", I decided to forego the chemical dyes and colour my eggs naturally instead. I'm still in love with them, even if they are long gone now. They had some really pretty textures, and I thought the muted colours were perfect.

All I did was use sliced beets for the pink, turmeric for yellow, and old teabags with a touch of instant coffee for the brown. I threw the ingredients in while I was boiling the eggs along with a teaspoon of vinegar. Once cooled, I let them soak in their respective pots in the fridge overnight to intensify the colour. Can I tell you again that I love the results? I love them!

To make them shiny, just rub a touch of oil over the shell once cooled and dry. Next year I'd like to experiment with more colours. I've heard that blueberries work rather well!


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