Friday, March 21, 2014

Favourite Things Friday #15

Trying some of these!
I knew about re-growing shallots, but I didn't know about most of these! I'm currently testing out celery with success!
GOTTGÖRA Tealight Lantern via Ikea
Look how adorable this is! The colour is gorgeous.

Go-Cart Three-Shelf Table via CB2
How awesome is this cart? It's easily movable, the perfect size for storing vanity supplies or for turning into a bar or tea and coffee cart. Love it.

Oh my word, I would model a room around this baby in a heartbeat!

This print by Danny Brito
I adore everything about this: the colours, the typography, the message, the whole she-bang!


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  1. Love the rad art.. so very true.

  2. I like the cart idea! I'm sure I would knock it over haha :D


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