Monday, March 24, 2014

Lofty Dreams for a New Apartment: The Livingroom

So as I mentioned awhile ago, Ikea is killing off their EXPEDIT line of shelving. They are replacing it with a similar model apparently, but I digress: it's time to snap up some EXPEDIT before it's gone for good. I am one of the masses of people who want the shelf for vinyl storage. The interior is the perfect size for it, and I'm just in love with two of the models in particular:

EXPEDIT on casters58 5/8x32 5/8"
Honestly, when I see this unit I think more "TV stand" than "home of vinyl", with alternating cubes filled with baskets for storage.
EXPEDIT 17 3/8x72 7/8"
I'm leaning towards this one, only because I have wicked plans for it. Picture it horizontally, set on tall (12"? Higher?) legs, and pistachio green with an off-white interior. Yes.

Alexis Sofa via Sears
I really love with the colour of this sofa, and I dig the shape of it too. It looks great with those floral throw pillows, so I'd probably try to dig out some of my vintage bed sheets to re-purpose into pillows for it. Or else I'd screen print a couple of my own designs on to some plain ones. I'm all about the decorative pillows.
Flannigan Sofa via Sears
Not too crazy about the colour of this guy, but I really love the shape. The rounded arms are awesome, and I adore the back.
Indoor/outdoor Chevron Rugs via Target
Floral, Fretwork, and Rugby Stripe Rugs via Target
Apparently my Target addiction rivals my Ikea addiction, at least when it comes to rugs.They have some pretty fantastic ones though! I want to keep my living room area bright and full of energy (which, I know, is a complete contrast to the look I want in my bedroom) but I'm weary of growing tired of patterned furniture, though I do think it can look pretty amazing. I think the easiest solution is to add in my patterns with items that are removable, like throw rugs. I hope wherever I end up there aren't any carpets. Not only would that kill my fun (ha!) but carpets really do a number on my asthma. Yuck.

"Tray" Chic, Ace, and Lattice accent tables via Urban Barn 
Holy punch of colour batman! I adore all three of these tables from Urban Barn. If I could find a way to stick them all in my living room without it looking ridiculous I totally would. I just adore all three of them. I like the fact that the orange one has a removable tray top, which makes serving snacks and cleaning up after a get-together a breeze. Besides the colour, the yellow one is  really neat looking. I'm a sucker for anything with character. And finally, the lattice on the blue one is super cute. I would probably stuff it with string lights and get a pillow for the top so I could use it as a stool to pull up when more seats are needed.

I never used to like the style of modern furniture, but lately that's been changing. One thing I don;t think will ever change is how I could spend all year pouring over furniture and dreaming up room designs. I actually really enjoy planning things out, and putting together a room. Perhaps I should start looking into interior design, ha!


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  1. I hope you're getting closer to having the beautiful apartment of your dreams, Berlyn! Your idea on interior designs look amazing. I can just picture how your apartment will look. You really have a great eye and talent in design. I wish I can brainstorm with you someday. Cheers! :)

    Jeffery Ramsey @ Inner City YYC


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