Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OOTD: Happy Birthday To Me

I seem to have started a tradition of wearing black on my birthday. This was so not intentional, I swear! But since it happened two years in a row now, I've decided to tell people I'm "mourning the death of another year" ...I kid, I kid. I didn't actually take proper outfit photos, more like cellphone selfies. Yikes.  But hey, that counts right (I apologize in advance for the horrible quality)? I haven't been taking outfit photos because I've been without my own clothing for awhile now. I'm wearing old plaid button downs that once belonged to one of my uncles or my grandpa, and the only pair of jeans I own currently. Not exactly glamorous, or very "me" but I'm making do with what I've got. Everything I'm wearing here, except the shoes, socks, and jewelry were dug out of my mum's old bedroom. Which means they're probably all older than I am, and I think that's pretty wicked.
These shorts have been through the dryer three times. I think they are permanently wrinkly.
Gorgeous bracelets dug out of Grandma's stash. The rose is real cross-stitching under resin!
My lucky jade ring, and the tazos and confetti heart from Nerd Burger that I broochified.

Bathing suit top: Vintage, "Christina" label
Jacket: Vintage, Levi's
Blouse: Vintage, "Ice" label
Shorts: Vintage, "Maison Gabriel" label
Ring: Vintage, thrifted
Bracelets: Vintage, borrowed
Shoes: Ardene outlet
Socks: Ardene outlet
Pizza Brooch: Amber Skies Designs
Ghostbusters Brooch: Nerd Burger Jewellery
Glasses: Firmoo (affiliate link)

I just picked up the shoes a couple months ago, and that top is ancient. This is the second vintage piece of clothing I have that matches the shoes. I'll show you the rad dress I thrifted when I get it out of storage. It's a mix of 80's and The Flintones, ha!

Ready to go out, snuggles with the grumpy old man, and forgetting how much makeup sucks to take off


currently listening to: Commit This To Memory by Motion City Soundtrack


  1. AGH!HH!! You brooched them! So awesome. I'm so glad you liked your stuff. :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! =D I hope you have a great day! Also, your shoes, and your jade ring...omg!


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