Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OOTD: Casual Wear

I feel like I just took my own mugshot haha
Thinking of adding these babies to the shop soon...

This is a casual outfit from last week. I meant to take full-body shots but I was running out the door to meet my Grandpa and we didn't have time to stop for photos before it got dark. Ah well. It was just my old jeans and the wannabe-combat boot's you'll see in an upcoming outfit post.

This is my lazy outfit. I have two go-to outfits when I don't feel like dressing up. One is featured above: A tank top, jeans, and sweater combo, usually paired with a necklace (or in this case, sweater clips) and trainers, flats, or boots. I have infinite combinations when it comes to this outfit. Mainly because I own too many tank tops and shoes.

The second is my "dressier" take on a lazy outfit, which I wore on Sunday and didn't snap pictures of like I meant to. It involves leggings or jeggings (guilty of wearing those. yep.) a pull-over sweater of some sort, a hat or scarf for my hair, and red lipstick, which is the most important feature. I swear, I could be having the worst self-image day I've ever had, but a dash of red lipstick always makes me feel glamorous. And it worked like a charm on Sunday when Katrina and I ran out to the grocery store around 6pm after I spent the day in pajamas not bothering to brush my hair. I do that sometimes. Okay, I do that a lot. That's why these lazy outfits are so handy!

And I'm sure you'll see more to come now that I'm back in the realm of outfit photos. It's been waaaaaay too long, and I have no good excuse. I'm just too shy to venture off and take selfies with a giant camera/tripod combination. I'll get there I'm sure. I am now on the lookout for awesome backdrops whenever I leave the apartment (which isn't very often.) and Katrina and I want to set aside a day each week to tour the city just to take photos since neither of us have been doing nearly enough of that. We'll see how it all comes together.

Watch for photos from Saturday when we went down to the farmer's market!


  1. Cutest mugshot EVER!!! You look great!

  2. You are so cute. It doesn't look like a mug shot at all. Love your sweater clips.

  3. Pretty!!!

    Sweater clips yesss! Lazy outfits are my favorite. You should definitely take someone with you to take photos :3 It seems scary to do it alone in public or maybe I'm just paranoid haha

    1. No way, it seems scary to me too! I'm just a control freak and an awkward model so I never seem to get shots I like when I don't do my pictures myself. And lazy outfits are the best (I'm glad I stopped being afraid of them haha)

  4. Your sweater looks really pretty! I just started taking outfit photos on my blog! Love your blog(:


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