Friday, November 22, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #13

[Macaulay Culkin/Home Alone Earrings by Charm456]
First of all, let's talk about these rad-as-heck Home Alone earrings. Because they need to be talked about. Shall we praise them for their quirkiness? Yes, let's. They need to be worn. All the time. Forever. Preferably by me. I seriously love them that much.
(Perhaps when I get a decent job these can be my gift to myself?)

[Vintage Dachshund Planter by Fruit Fly Pie]
This little dude makes me happy. I love the colour, style, and size of him. I need something like this for my cacti [that I need to replace since my mum accidentally killed them :c) I'd say this is the most adorable ceramic figure I've ever seen, but I've seen the rest of the stuff from Fruit Fly Pie so... 

[Map Compass Necklace by Victoria Camp Designs]
Oh my goodness this gives me a heavy dose of wanderlust. And I'd feel more at ease doing it because there's a working compass behind that perfect quote and map face cover!

[Reclaimed Wood and Rock Rustic Bed by Aspen Grove Rustics]
Speaking of wanderlust, I would really like to travel to wherever these product photos were taken, leave the bed please! I'm not sure which I adore more, the gorgeous bed frame or the photos of it. Both. Both are beautiful.

[Found on tumblr]
I don't say or hear these nearly often enough, and there are some amazing words here!

Have an amazing weekend guys!


  1. I love the list of words to use more often! A bunch of those words I use on almost a daily basis, but there are some lovely gems that I'll have to add to my everyday vocabulary!

    1. I'm thinking of doing a word-a-day challenge with this list to try and fit them all in. Is it weird that I love words? haha

  2. I love that sweet lil planter, I love the cute print orange.

  3. Those earrings are awesome! I would also love to get my hands on a Dachshund planter.

    Okay my favorite is ... SKEDADDLE! I don't think I could say it while being serious xD

  4. Love those earrings and compass!


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