Monday, December 30, 2013

Unexpected Hiatus

I really wish I could have written this post when it first happened, but my laptop decided it had lived a long enough life last month, and called it quits for good. I don't have the money to get myself another one right now, so I'm taking an indefinite hiatus until I scrape together the cash for a new one. The good news is, in the last month I've finally managed to find steady work, so I'm kind of ecstatic about that. Everyone I work with is an absolute doll too, I really love the place.

I hate how rushed this post is going to be, but I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I'm home visiting for the holidays, so I wanted to let you all into the loop while I have access to a computer. I'd just like to wish everyone very happy holidays, no matter how or what you celebrate. I hope everyone is doing great, and I'll be back here as soon as I can, I miss all of you a ton. Here's to an awesome new year, best wishes for all my readers and all the new friends I've made through The Myopic Squid.

Before I take off again, I'd like to share a few of the photos I've taken in the last little while. As some of you might know, Toronto was hit pretty hard by an ice storm last week. I personally had no power from Saturday to Monday night, and I know some people were still out even yesterday. It was awesome to see so many people reaching out to help out neighbours and their communities. While the storm and the effects felt by the city were not so pretty, the result of it was. I regret not taking more photos, but I wasn't brave enough to take on the icy conditions for too long. Here's a look at the aftermath, and a couple shots from back home where they got a lot of snow:


  1. Beautiful icicle photography!! I love the first picture the most. c:


  2. I've missed you. I hope a magical laptop flys to you soon so we can keep seeing your amazing photos.

    1. And I've missed you! The only updates I can get from everyone are on instagram, so I've been keeping up with those at least.
      All magical flying laptops are definitely welcome. Thanks for making me blush and crack up at the same time, haha

  3. Those photos are amazing. and wow, that storm was impressive.
    I hope you come back soon! Happy new year to you!

    ~ K


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