Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Workspace Wednesday

Top: Sketches for my latest order. I love the concept of this shirt. It's a Dresden Dolls theme with the lyrics to Delilah featured on the front and the Yes Virginia... album art on the back. I really dig the Dresden Dolls (and Amanda is totally rad, I adore her) so this is a pretty exciting project!

Bottom: My first shirt order WIP for my lovely friend Katrina. These are old pictures already, I've actually got the front of this one done right now, I just completely forgot she wanted the galaxy print to extend around the back too so it's back to splattering on this one.

Below: Close ups of the Tardis/Galaxy print shirt. I am actually so anxious about this, I really hope she likes it!

I'm planning on sharing some of the DIY projects I've been working on lately. Most of it is organization related and I'm ridiculously excited to be making storage-y things.

Stay Scary,

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