Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What I Wore: Dayglo and Cats

Blouse: Old Navy (last December)
Jeans: Giant Tiger (last year sometime)
Shoes: Zellers (three years ago. Yay for knockoff Converse lasting longer than real ones)
Backpack: Vintage c/o my lovely mother :p
Ring: Ardène (last December)
Collar Clip: My Shop 
Frida Button: Pixel Pop Design
Watch (on bag): Birthday gift c/o my wonderful Auntie

(Can you tell I gave myself some Christmas presents last year? haha)
I have dubbed outfits like these my Lazy Outfits. There really isn't much to them, and since I've pretty much been living out of boxes for a few months now, they have become a staple of mine (which kind of horrifies me haha). I actually caught myself thinking I should invest in more blouses in other colours so I can duplicate this as needed, yikes. I think I'll be investing in them anyway to go with the skirts I own that never get worn due to lack of matching tops that go with them.

I surprised myself with how much I liked my sweater clips on the collar. I thought of flipping the clips so that the cats hang straight, but I kind of like them on an angle like this.

I have yet to see the results from my lovely camera, Nora. I bought her off eBay last month and promptly painted her. I went snap-happy, but I haven't finished my second roll of film yet. She was advertised as a waterproof lomo camera. So far the waterproof part is true, the case is actually fantastic. I tested it by submerging it in a bowl of water for twenty minutes with some paper towel inside and it was bone dry when I opened it back up. Hopefully the pictures turn out as well as the case works.

In other news, I ordered some cards to sneak into my order packages. I'm hoping they'll be here before the 16th since I'd like to give one out with the shirt order I have due then. Fingers crossed they look as good physically as they did in the sample photos!

Now I just have to finish the huge-scary order I have over the next couple weeks. It's only one shirt, but the whole front of it is lyrics, and I haven't done lettering in bleach yet. I'm mildly terrified, haha!

Stay Scary,

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