Thursday, June 6, 2013

As Per Usual, Life Gets in the Way...

Between working around the house (have I mentioned I'm helping out with building a log home? Now you know!) and trying to get both my online stores set up, opened, and stocked, as well as my facebook page up and running, I've been neglecting Myopic Squid. Whoops!

I've had no real time to take photos, or really get away from the house... or work on any personal projects. And I live in my work clothes so I've got nothing pretty to share. I finally got to see The Boyfriend again after three weeks of madness, including a pretty killer cold (you know your immune system hates you when a cold kicks your butt in the middle of a heatwave) and we went for a walk in the rain and took some photos. But we decided to head back indoors not too long after setting out because of the weather.

So it's only taken me a week to get this posted! Haha, I really have been busy. I'll try to stay on track from now on ;)

Stay Scary,

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