Friday, June 7, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #2

Vintage dress from gogovintage on Etsy
This dress is to die for. I would like this style in every color and pattern I can dream up. I love scalloped edges on clothing. I mean really really love them. I'm going to have to do a FTF just for scalloped edges and trim. Have I mentioned I love scalloped edges? Have I said scalloped edges enough? Okie doke, moving on ;)

Knotted Heels in Mint from Pin Up Girl Clothing
Seriously, What's not to love about these heels? Too freekin' cute!

All the pretty cat's eye frames are driving me crazy. I don't think I found a pair on that list that I didn't feel the need to immediately add to my collection. I'd have shown you all my favourites here if they would have even come close to being reasonable, but there are just too many (a lot of these would go nicely with that scalloped dress, no?)

STUDIO 78 PARIS Organic Blush from Article27

Man would I love to get my hands on some of this! I visited Art.27 once after work during my brief stint in Toronto last year, and I loved everything there. Unfortunately I didn't buy anything, but I'm hoping my move back to the city this fall will help me change that. This blush in particular? I love the color. It's got that hint of peachyness drowning in old rose to it that I adore. I swear I didn't mean to make this FTF a build-my-own-outfit post. It's just sorta kinda maybe turning out that way. Heh.

Future Fairy Coat from the Fairies Pyjamas
I'm really diggin' this coat from The Fairies Pyjamas (another Toronto store. I know, I'm being biased today). This one doesn't quite fit with all of the above so I guess this isn't a build an outfit post after all, haha. I adore long coats. I have way too many dresses for my own good, and long coats tend to look best with them in my opinion. Problem is I own no long coats. I might just have to go sniff out something similar from this store come fall.

Michonne Figure from Silver Snail
This FTF has been full of fashion-y stuff. I do have other interests believe it or not! These interests may include action figures and The Walking Dead. And Michonne because she's a badass. Put all three together and you've got something I really want from one of my favourite comic stores. Ahem. That's the last Toronto store promo for today, I promise. (For the record, Ottawa has a Silver Snail too!)
Creative Ouch-let Cover on Modcloth

Last  but not least, these outlet, I mean, ouch-let covers are too cute! My mum and I both got a kick out of them. I'm thinking of ordering some for her. With a soon to be on-the-move baby in the house, I think they'd give her a little added peace of mind.

And there you have it! For my obsession with mint, Ahem, I mean, more of my favourite things, check out my latest Treasury List on Etsy.

And as always,
Stay Scary,

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