Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grandpa's Backyard

I rarely hang out in the backyard when we're over at Grandpa's for family gatherings, but I love it back there so much. It's peaceful, and there are little treasures to be found everywhere, and they tend to leap out at you when you've got a camera in your hands. Take the shell for example, which happens to be my favourite shot of the day, tied with the mushrooms. If I remember correctly it was about the size of the nail on my pinky finger, tucked away in a log being used as a planter. It's amazing the stuff you come across when you train your eyes to look at things from different perspectives (thank you Mr D!). I think my favourite parts also include the texture of the soil around the shell, the "curls" of the petals on the dandelion, and the "hair" on the leaves in the second large photo.

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