Friday, May 30, 2014

Favourite Things Friday #19

I've had my eye on these charcoal soap bars for awhile now. Eagerly awaiting my next paycheck so I can try one out!

Hologram Klear Klutch via Klear Klutch

Oh how I fancy this clutch, the 90's nostalgia is strong with this one. Do want!

Pink Erland Oxfords via Le Bunny Bleu

I have found the perfect shoe. I am so in love with these babies. This colour is perfect, and they come in a lovely blue too!

Sweet Treat Yo Self Float via Modcloth
Giant food? Functional giant food? Count me in!

Kitty Head Mug by The Pink Fox Designs
I have a bit of a mug obsession. I've a got a collection of mismatched ones that could use a new friend!

This End Up Necklace by Mata Traders
What a lovely handmade necklace, I love the simple design. And it's Fair Trade!


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