Friday, November 8, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #11

1980s Suspender Skirt by Lush Love Lita
 I love this so hard. You have no idea. I would pair it with a stripy top just like that too. The buttercream colour is just fab.

Bonus: use the code LOVE10 to save 10% on your purchases from this shop!

Fox Cross Stitch Pendant by Fawn and Squirrel
Oh how I adore foxes.
Like foxes, this pendant is perfect. I wouldn't mind it in brooch form either. Too cute.

Vintage Bird Prints by The Print Makers
I really, really, want this for my studio space. Unfortunately it's sold. Fortunately, they're awesome, and look darling in those frames. Can I have the frames too? 

(PS I saw a falcon today, which makes me want these THISMUCH more)

Raccoon Illustration Print by Soak Studio
How charming is this little dude? I would like him (or her) for my wall. 
I've decided to embrace more cute things. I need more cute in my life. And methinks this is the perfect start.


  1. That jumper is fantastic! I'd love to wear something like that!
    What does your studio space look like? I'd love to see pictures!

    1. Our place is so tiny I haven't really set it up, but we're hoping to move to a bigger place soon. For now I just dream of having a proper studio space. I may do an apartment post soon if I manage to find motivation to do a thorough cleaning, haha!


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