Friday, November 1, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #10

I work my first shift at this new job today! So nervous/excited, wish me luck!
This week's Friday Faves are 2spoopy. I know, I know, It's November 1st, but my Halloween excursion is tonight so I (un)officially declare that Halloween is still on! With that said, get a load of this week's roundup:

VIP Thicket Dress by Modcloth
Finally, a dress with skulls and roses that doesn't contain sugar skulls! Just regular ol' skulls on this baby. And my oh my is it ever pretty.

I couldn't find any info on whether I can link to images on her blog so just click the link and bask in the awesome that is this dress and the gorgeous person wearing it!

Apex Predator Shoes by Fantich & Young via NY Daily News
Oh my word these are fantastic! And mildly terrifying... but fantastic nonetheless!

Candy Corn Shoe by Spirit Halloween
Too cute! I'm already trying to find a pair of my shoes I can bear to part with so I can make my own.

Bloody Cleaver Clutch Purse via Amazon
Bring on the gore! Is it weird that I find this little guy cute? And That I would use it for everyday wear? ...Don't answer that.

Victorian Vamp Coffin Purse by Madame Mari Mortem
I have longed for a coffin purse since I was a wee little 13 year old baby bat but I never did get one. This one is simply stunning. I think I will be coveting this for the rest of forever.

For those of you still celebrating my favourite holiday, Happy Halloween!


  1. oh man those teeth shoes are hella spoopy O_O What are your plans tonight? I hope you have a great time!

    1. Thanks! It was nothing major, just an open jam. Some family friends' bands were playing. It was super fun though, I went zombie style and got weird looks on public transit ha!

  2. This is a cool collection! I must admit I am both grossed out and oddly fascinated by the teeth shoes!

    1. Aren't they creepy? I love teeth but even I admit they are kind of gross haha

  3. Omg! Those candy corn shoes. *swoon*

    1. Oh gosh, I know right? I need me a pair something bad haha

  4. Ooh those teeth shoes are so creepy haha!!


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