Monday, October 28, 2013


So, life has been busy. I've been staying at my Grandpa's for two weeks now helping my Aunt clean the basement out, hence the lack of blog activity. It's been a pretty huge job and I'm glad we got through as much as we did. We still aren't done, but there's been definite progress. In the meantime, I found some photos I took at the Pacific Mall last month before I saw any of the signs asking for photos not to be taken. Oops. They're just so colourful and bright I couldn't resist sharing. Enjoy!

First order of business, get some money. You'll need it. Trust me.
So conceited, tsk tsk
I love how bright it is in here, and how everything is set up. It's like a giant maze!

Love the cat and dog pair! And the platforms! And the stripy high tops! And- okay I want them all.
Some of the coolest tattoo tights I've seen

Love me some Sailor Moon!

I met my roommate's friend Katherine that day, and I adore her. She's the one who figured out how to get us here, and kept giving me interesting tidbits on various parts of Japanese culture all day. She's kind of the bomb. You'll see her in later photos from Nuit Blanche (oops those are overdue too!)

My cousin was up from the States to visit this weekend, and it was a weekend of firsts for me thanks to her. I had my first karaoke night (so much fun. I can't wait to drag Katrina out with me), first bubble tea (which I'm addicted to now. Thanks Ashley), first pedicure (I'm waaaaay too ticklish for those, my goodness), and first time trying red bean ice cream, which is delicious. My Aunt also showed me how to make káposztás tészta, so it was my first time making that. And it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! I've learned to make a couple simple Hungarian dishes the past couple weeks and I can't wait to try it all out on Katrina (poor Katrina). 

All-in-all life has kept me pretty busy. I've become a bit of an instagram addict  over the past couple weeks because it's much quicker to throw up a photo than it is to write a blog post, so I can do just that while taking a break from the dust and basement-y smelling stuff (yuck). I'm going back home tomorrow to sort out some things there, and figure out a Halloween costume. I'm thinking a zombie of some sort. 
Happy Monday!


  1. you had such a fun week! ilove those tights on the fifth photo.

    haha, káposztás tészta is the best evvver! honestly, it is my favourite hungarian food, my Granny makes it the best! you should also try to make easy but very yummy lecsó (from tomato, paprika and garlic). i also love the gulyás leves (goulash soup). ;))

    1. Oh gosh, it's SOO good! I definitely will have to try those out, they sound super yummy. Thanks!

  2. Such a rad post. Love the shoes. The cat and dog ones are my fave too. :)

    1. Thank! I'm scheming to diy-ify a pair for myself haha


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