Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Mushrooms Have Taken Over

Seriously. We put down our lawn a couple weeks ago (whole other story there. I became the master of sod-laying for a couple days) and since then a plethora of tiny mushrooms have cropped up all over the grass. They do have to go so I felt slightly less guilty about picking these guys, but man I just think they are so cute. There were varying sizes, but all were pretty small. I think my favourite is the teeny-tiny one.

...yes they did gravitate indoors. Guilty. heh

This wasn't even all the ones I picked!

Having a little fun with arrangements

My favourite! It's just uber-cute! ...I really need to wear gloves when spray painting though

I then, of course, had to go walking around my backyard to see if I could sniff out any others. Awhile ago there were hundreds of all shapes and sizes just about everywhere, but I was staining boards the days they were in their prime, and stain and cameras do not mix (at least when you got more stain on your hands than you did on the boards. I have a real problem with tinted hands don't I? heh.)
Now there aren't too many, but I only walked half the property and didn't bother with the woods. We're having a really bad year for mosquitoes and I feared I'd have no blood left if I stayed back there much longer. This is what I did come across.

These two (one on the left, the other on the right) are just so pretty to me

This eye-catcher had snuck up from underneath piles of leaves from last fall. I'll be checking back on this one often. The one on the right had been uprooted already, and I just love the texture on it.

With spray paint in mind, I know I said I'd post my DIY can organizer this week, but the week just sort of flew by for me. I didn't make any progress on it so I'll save it for next week. As for the rest of today, I have the lovely Maddi coming to get me for a photoshoot of sorts. I haven't seen her in what feels like forever. She's bringing a couple outfits with her, which is awesome for me because I rarely get to shoot people other than myself lately, and the more variety shots I can get of her the better. Here's to a day of happy shooting and catching up!

Stay Scary,


  1. The ones from the 5th picture, I saw similars last autumn :) I think they are so pretty to :)
    Sofia G

  2. Cute tiny mushrooms! :3 I was wondering why your hand was blue haha I thought my screen was off xD


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