Monday, August 19, 2013

My Spray Paint Addiction

Thanks to Kate Gabrielle (Scathingly Brilliant) I have developed a spray paint addiction (Thanks Kate!)
I am now going broke because I'm spray painting everything I own, and I don't regret it!

The first thing on my list was some form of storage for my pens, brushes, markers and whatnot. I saw this image floating around and decided I had to attempt to make my own.

Found on Imgfave
Super cute right? I wasn't a fan of these particular colours but, as Kate said "as long as there is paint on this planet it doesn't matter." Which resulted in the beginnings of my own recycled can organizer. I'll be sharing my progress later this week.

There wasn't a huge selection, but I love these two!

I took Kate's philosophy and applied to the rest of my stuff too. I picked up two cans of Krylon at Walmart on a whim a couple weeks ago after reading her post. I love personalizing things. It makes my stuff feel like mine, and I'm always happier when everything in my personal area is up to my visual standards. I rarely find furniture or other items in colours I like, and for the longest time my bedroom set was just white. Which can be beautiful in a properly decorated space, but it just bored me to tears. To the point where I wrote all over it in sharpie when I was fifteen. I can't wait to spruce it up in a couple weeks... And get rid of my graffiti. Though the doodle of Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas might be allowed to stay haha.

In the meantime, I'm sticking to having some fun with the supplies I use for packing orders. I want a portable order packing kit so I can just grab it and go when I need to. I picked up two of these baskets at the dollar store hoping my supplies would fit. They weren't an awful colour to begin with, but I have a colour scheme in mind for my future studio/office space and I want everything to fit in with it. They, along with some office supplies, were treated to a mini makeover, and I love how they look now.

The Pistachio is close to the actual colour, but I overexposed the Gum Drop stuff... it's much more purple in person

I also decided to makeover a drawer tower I've been storing my bathroom stuff (read: nail polish and hair products. Yes I really had enough to fill 3 drawers) in. I'd like to switch its currant contents with some of my art supplies, so I decided to purple-ify it as well. Unfortunately I waited just a little too long in between coats and part of the paint bubbled up. I'm thinking of decoupaging over that area instead of stripping it and repainting.

Berlyn, pay attention to your exposure, yeesh!
And there you have it! All of this is, of course, getting done because of my excitement over the apartment. I'm going to have to get more spraypaint and go nuts with everything else I own now. I'll be posting my progress in the weeks to come. I can't wait to share some photos of it all set up in the new place!

Stay Scary,


  1. This is fab! Spray painting is such a cheap and effective way of making your house look colour co-ordinated. I love the pastels you chose

    1. Thanks! Now if only I could get my hair those colours haha! I have a feeling I'm going to be spray painting just about everything. I've never had matching furniture so this is terribly exciting

  2. It is amazing what a little bit of spray paint can do to an item. I have never really used it for much except cosplay. This post gave me heaps of ideas.

    1. I've never used it before period and now I;m quite literally spray painting /everything/. The ugly Walmart clothes rack I got two days ago is a rather vivid shade of blue already. It's getting a little ridiculous. heh.


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