Friday, August 2, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #4

Do want. These jeans makes my inner goth happy. I have a victorian style satin waist coat with a gold lace back that would look pretty killer with these. I usually wear it with a long skirt (or two) but I like the idea of being able to make my gothy outfits not so over-the-top some days. Floor length skirts are a real pain on the subway. 

Folk Art Cat Doll by Cindy Riccardelli

Oh my goodness do I ever love the work from Cindy Riccardelli. Her dolls never fail to astound me, and they all tug at my heart a little. I would really love to purchase something of hers.

Apple Picking Dress by Unique Vintage

I would feel so cute and classy in this. I even have the perfect red purse and red cats eye sunglasses to go with it.

Dino Planter by Plastidermy

I am in love with the dino planters from Plastidermy. I'm either picking up one as soon as I can spare the cash, or else it's time for another DIY project because these guys are too freeking cute! Honestly, everything they have up for grabs is pretty rad.

Shirt Dress by True Decadence, found on ASOS
I like that this is reminiscent of a tux. I sketched up designs for a tuxedo dress for my semi-formal way back in ninth grade, and since it never got brought to life, I am still on the hunt for my dream tux dress.

Art Prints by Every Day is a Holiday
Stay Scary,


  1. I have striped leggings but haven't even considered looking for it in jeans!! That would be awesome.That dino planter is pretty cool.

    1. I am leggings phobic haha! I never have anything to wear leggings with, and I'm uncomfortable wearing them as pants with a long top so I'm on the hunt for striped jeans or skinny pants


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