Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cat Lady Pride

So a little while ago I found this dress in a thrift store (for a whole dollar. I know right.) and immediately fell in love with it. Considering the price I didn't bother to try it on figuring if it didn't fit I could either put it up for sale in my shop or use it to construct a pattern for a dress that would fit me. Lo and behold, other than it being a little snug in my *ahem* chesticular area, it fit like it was made for me. Which is a small miracle since, from what I can tell, it is either a true vintage handmade item, or a handmade item constructed more recently from a vintage pattern. Have I mentioned I love it? One more time for good measure. I love it.

The only thing I didn't love were the buttons on it. Well... that's not strictly true. I love the buttons by themselves but they weren't working for me on this dress. So "off with their heads!" it was, landing these giant purple monsters in the teeny-tiny jar housing my first button collection. But don't worry, they are keeping the cat buttons that are waiting for the perfect cardigan, and the black and gold buttons awaiting the perfect white sleeveless blouse company. When I find a use for the new additions I will let you know. Onwards!
The Original buttons found on the dress

Of course I didn't just hack off the buttons without first getting replacements. After all I wasn't about to allow this dress to sit in my closet. The solution to my button dilemma came to me when I got the first batch of supplies for my sweater chains. There were these darling cat faces I just had to turn into sweater clips (along with cupcakes and various other charms), and one leapt out at me immediately. I really liked the colour with the dress. Back online I went to order in another three bundles of cats, and a couple days after I received them these babies were sewn on and ready to keep the girls safely hidden away under the front of what is probably my favourite dress. For now anyway, haha.
These guys are looking for a good home... probably on some more thrift store finds knowing me

The new buttons. I think they're super cute

I swear I have the taste of a 70 year old woman sometimes. Not that that's a bad thing!

So there you have it. I am officially sporting my cat lady pride on a dress I would like to remake in peach, and again in mint (...with cupcake buttons? oh lordy I'm ridiculously excited. I'm going to turn into a button fiend). I regret nothing. Now to find that perfect cardigan...

Stay Scary,

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