About Me

 Hi there! I'm Berlyn, an animal loving, photo taking, coffee drinking, self-portrait snapping, art making Canuck, and I have a feeling I'll always be a hyperactive toddler at heart. I never know what colour my hair is, and I collect far too many things.

I discovered my love of photo-taking roughly five years ago, and haven't put down the camera since. Incidentally, that's also around the time I became a vegetarian, so the two often cross over. I've recently taken an interest in cooking outside the box so to speak. I'm on the hunt for vegetarian recipes that are interesting and kind of quirky. Who says meatless meals have to be boring?

 I am also a partial mama to our three family cats while living at home. I'm going to miss these guys when I go back to the city in the fall. Finally there's the holy terror in my life, Tetley. My mum got her for her birthday in 2012, and we soon discovered she was deaf. She, of course, is very welcome in our home of hearing impaired individuals. Don't let the lack of working ears fool you, she definitely adds tonnes of zaniness to our lives!
My Fuzzy Babies from top right: Misty, Thumbkin, Nobbin

And the Holy Terror

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