Friday, July 4, 2014

Favourite Things Friday #24

Minnie Glasses via Moorea Seal
These remind me so much of a pair my mum used to wear back in the 80s. Unfortunately they're too small for me... maybe the Minnie Glasses will be my quick fix haha

via Studio Myerscough
Oh my word, how rad is this? I couldn't dig it more if I tried!

via pinterest
A much needed friendly reminder.

I Put a Spell On You Tote by loll3 via society6
I actually squealed a little when I saw this! Not only because it's amazing (and I love everything by Lorenza) but also because of the last thing on this week's roundup (definitely saving the best for last this week):

The magic happens around 2:15
I have developed a massive music crush on a certain fellow by the name of Jesse Kinch, who is one seriously talented guy. I wanted to share this in last week's roundup but couldn't find a video of it at the time. Basically, my grandpa was watching Rising Star, and I was going about making dinner for us both. I was popping in and out of the room and thus far was not terribly impressed by anything (albeit I wasn't paying attention). I watched a few seconds of Jesse's intro, noted the good vibe I got from his laid back attitude and thought he was probably a pretty cool guy, definitely different, went to check the stove, then literally sprinted back into the livingroom as soon as I heard him start singing. My gosh, can that boy sing. 
I had goosebumps, no word of a lie. I loved the song choice since Screamin' Jay is a personal favourite of mine (a forefather of shock rock? Heck yes, count me in!) and I love how it became his own. I think he's an amazing performer, an infuriatingly good vocalist (I have been jealous of only a handful of male vocalists in my life, and he is now top of the list.) and has fantastic stage presence, which I find extremely important. It can be much more difficult to have an audience connection when you're performing without moving around, but I was pretty mesmerized from the second he opened his mouth.
Immediately following the show, I went Googling like a mad woman and found his youtube channel. And I've got to say, I'm even impressed by the less refined covers he did when he was younger. And I adore his originals. I can't even explain what draws me in, besides the heavy classic rock influence. There's just this amazing energy in him, this raw, real sound. It's a little bit mind blowing quite frankly. Especially to find so much talent in someone so young.
Lend me some of that talent Jesse, you've definitely got loads to spare (pretty please?).
Whoops! That got a little out of hand. Not my usual blurb, but hey, how could you not go on about something like that?
Happy Independence Day!
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  1. I need everything from LOll3!!
    Have you seen the Gizmo and Greta totes?
    So cute!!

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! Too adorable!

  2. That I put a spell on you bag is so magical. :)


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