Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nerd Burger Jewellery

My Nerd Burger Jewellery package came in last week and I'm ridiculously excited to brag about share all my new goodies. I was supposed to have this up last week (along with some Friday Faves and more Ikea addiction I MEAN Lofty Apartment Dreams...ahem.) but tethering is not my friend since I blew my mobile data for the month a week early. Oops. As soon as I can afford internet you better believe I'll be more consistent with my posts because I have so much to share and document lately! Like this awesome haul from NBJ. 

The envelope got a little crushed because our mailman is a huge jerk who likes to force things to fit through the mail slot. Even when they resist. As you can see. (The package didn't even make it all the way through. I'm lucky I'm far enough from foot traffic that no one swiped it. Yikes.) But it was packaged so well nothing got damaged.
Prettiest envelope!
And cutest packaging!
I mentioned this in a FTF post awhile back... well as this. And I feel like laughing diabolically over the fact that they're now mine, mwahaha
My mother might steal this from me when she sees it
Little Know Fact: I am a horror movie freak, especially for the classics
Wayne's World is also a favourite! I feel so lucky

Many many thanks Cazz for having the raddest shop around and making all this awesome stuff, as well as packing it up so pretty and getting it shipped to me remarkably quick. (You rock so hard!)

I love how obvious it is that time and love go into everything made, from the product to the packaging and extra touches. Everything was well packaged, sealed in an inner pouch before being put in the outer mailer, which had a bubble-wrap interior. I had no trouble with the order and absolutely love all the products. I'd buy again in a heartbeat!

If you're wanting to wear your nerd on your sleeve (or jacket, or head) I'd definitely go over and take a gander at some Nerd Burger jewellery. As for me, I'm off to re-home this awesome Ghost Buster's brooch onto my jean jacket.


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  1. Nerd Burger is the best! That Harley Quinn brooch is my favorite!

    1. Gah, I know right! I'm so in love with it

  2. The Wayne's World and Ghostbusters pieces are calling out to me! Love them!

    1. honestly, I'm tempted to wear them every day haha!

  3. I just cried reading this. I can't believe you did a whole blog post on your package. It means so much to me you have no idea. I am so glad you liked everything. :) You made my day.

    1. I got a little over excited and had to share. The stuff you make is awesome, thank you again so, so much!


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