Monday, October 14, 2013

Bradford Bunch

A couple weeks ago I went up to Bradford to see Tay and her fiancee Jamie. I had no idea their apartment was a mini zoo(!), and I'm extremely jealous. Okay slight exaggeration. But hey, when your rental doesn't allow pets, two ferrets, two dogs, a hedgehog and a kitten may as well be a zoo. Have I mentioned I'm jealous? I'm jealous. (Our goal is to find a pet friendly place as our next home but that's a story for another time.)

Besides staying up to ridiculous hours sitting on the kitchen floor drinking water, eating oranges, and talking (we're hardcore), I managed to snap some pictures with Tay actually in them. I may as well have captured a unicorn for how rare an occurrence that is, no joke. It was nice to finally meet Jamie since there's been at least two failed attempts at that already, and the whole last minute trip was much needed since I hadn't been having the best week, ending with a pretty rotten weekend. I mean besides seeing old friends, how could a house of animals not cheer me up right? Especially when I was woken up by a tiny dog jumping on my face, haha!

As for today, I get to see my family, and we've still got to finish making the food for our get-together. Hope all you Canucks are having an awesome Thanksgiving, and to the rest of you guys, have an awesome Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh the yorkshires, they remind me my Little Jenny. They are so cute :)


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