Monday, August 26, 2013

Maddi by the Bay

At the end of last Thursday's post I mentioned that I would be doing a shoot with Maddi. I had a real blast catching up and getting out with her for the day, but unfortunately the weather just wasn't cooperative. When she picked me up in the morning it was raining and our hunt for an umbrella wasn't all that fruitful. After stopping by Walmart to buy one, we came out of the store to find... sunshine. Ha! I swear it's me, I have the worst luck. We headed down to the lake and snapped a few shots, but her on-call cut the day short so we only captured one outfit. I actually love how the pictures turned out anyway. I think this is my favourite shoot this year. Thank you Maddi for being so pretty and letting me go snap-happy on you, you're the best!

Here's a look at my obnoxiously watermarked preview shots:

Stay Scary,


  1. Haha of course that would happen!

    You did get some super cute shots :3


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