Friday, August 30, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #7

Cat Fabric by Timeless Treasure via Carolina Cotton Co.
This fabric is too cute, I love the expressions! I'm seriously contemplating buying a couple yards of this and making a dress or romper. Maybe a skirt? I just love it. The links above will take you to the etsy listing and shop, but they also have a website. They have a super cute puppy fabric that I adore too.

Lunar Eclipse Pendant by L.S.D. By Charlotte Burkhart
Stunning. Stunning, stunning, stunning. This is such a gorgeous piece, I love the blackened silver talons. The contrast between the silver and the moonstone is perfect. Thanks Helena for showing me her shop!

Flirty and Fun Aprons by Shawna
My Sailor Moon addiction would definitely be pacified (at least temporarily) by this lovely apron. Shawna owns Flirty and Fun aprons, and let me tell you, the name does her creations justice. I want to snap up pretty much everything she's created. This Sailor Moon apron is currently sold out (boo :c!) but check out all her other ones! I'm a huge fan of the I Love Lucy style one, and Mike from Monsters Inc. is too cute!

Shane Powers Hanging Glass Bubble Collection via West Elm
How gorgeous do these look together? I would love to get my hands on them and stuff some air plants in them. They just look so darn pretty!

Chelsea Crew Misty Oxford via Trashy Diva
I have a thing for oxfords, and I don't own any! I think the Misty Oxford is way too cute. I love the cut outs, and the pink-red-white mix is perfect. I used to think pink and red should never ever ever be seen together (I'm looking at you Valentine's decorations) but I think this shoe alone has changed my mind.

Top: Inigo Montoya Shirt
Middle: Name Badge Shirt
Bottom: Foil Inconceivable Shirt
all by 80's Tees
I love The Princess Bride, it's one of my favourite movies. And these shirts are fantastic!

Happy Friday!

Stay Scary,


  1. The hanging vases collection, amazing beautiful!

    Sofia G

  2. love those shoes!
    nagyon aranyos a cipő ;))

  3. Those plant hangers are so intense and beautiful, I cant imagine how magical they would look in your home.


    1. I keep picturing them hanging in front of a window so the light catches them!

  4. Thank you so very much for featuring our adorable kitten fabric! I love it too! Makes me just wanna throw a ball of yarn their way! ;) Pretty and fun things here on your blog--gotta come back and visit here more often! Have a blessed weekend!


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