Friday, July 19, 2013

Favourite Things Friday #3

Cthulu Wedding Album by feythcrafts

I absolutely love this. If I was planning on getting married I think I'd like a steampunk wedding. And this would have to be included.

Beetle Brooches by The Evolution Store

Okay so maybe these aren't for everyone... but I love 'em! They're gorgeous.

Shine Bright Dress from Bonne Chance Collections

This dress is too cute! As soon as I have the money I think I'll be trying to decide between this one and all the other gorgeous dresses they offer. My goodness everything is so pretty.

Griffin Earrings by sandrandan

I absolutely love these. They bring to mind Harry Potter, and a collection of books I read as a kid set in medieval times (that I can't currently remember the titles of).

Stay Scary,

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